Ye Olde Library Yonder

​​When I first attended university, it was during the days of chunky cube-like computer monitors, and I saved my work onto a floppy disc. Internet access inside halls of residence was unheard of. I accessed learning materials primarily through physical books and VHS tapes. I travelled to campus by horse and buggy. (OK, the previousContinue reading “Ye Olde Library Yonder”

DITA vs Dita

As a long-time fan of renowned burlesque artiste Dita Von Teese, an academic DITA module sounded right up my street. However, it transpires that Data and Information Technologies and Applications is a very different kettle of fish… Today everything seems to either directly or indirectly revolve around technology. The gathering of information is such aContinue reading “DITA vs Dita”

A little about me

Thank you for visiting! As an introduction to this new blog, here are five things about me: My favourite country to visit is Switzerland. I especially love its magnificent alpine forests and beautiful lakes. However, although I have been to Switzerland many times, I have only ever visited in winter, so a summer trip toContinue reading “A little about me”

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