Swisslove šŸ‡ØšŸ‡­

My love affair with Switzerland started on my first visit when I was a teenager. It wasn’t only the stunning natural beauty that drew me in, but also the cleanliness and complete efficiency in every aspect. Unlike here in the UK, you can plan a train journey in Switzerland and know that the train will actually be on time. Imagine that, fellow Brits! I was over-the-top thrilled to recently learn that Switzerland is considered a country highly compatible with Taureans (me!), according to the lovely little Taurus book by Stella Andromeda. As usual I lag behind pretty much everyone else with technological gadgets, and didn’t switch from film camera to taking photos on my phone until very late in the game. Therefore, the easily accessible photographic documentation of my travels is skeletal, but here I share a few snaps from my first visit to St Moritz, which took place in February 2020. I plan to return during the summer in the not too distant future, as I long to witness the flower-strewn alpine mountains of Heidi’s world. Sadly this igloo bar was closed due to no longer being structurally safe, and it was bulldozed just a day or two after I took this photo. The town of St Moritz is teeming with hearts, from the cut-outs in chair backs and window shutters, to beautiful working horses ā¤ I have not used any camera or editing trickery with these photos; the sky really is this blue and the landscape really is this beautiful! #Switzerland #StMoritz šŸ‡ØšŸ‡­

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