My journey with reading

For many years I thought I hated reading. To cut a long story short, it was not until early adulthood that I realised it was not reading I hated, but the physical and emotional pain caused in straining my eyes to (often unsuccessfully) read words. (I will never truly understand how I fumbled my way through school and university being almost unable to see well enough to read…) Little did I know how wrong I was about disliking reading… I constantly felt indescribably sad and frustrated, but did not realise there was anything “wrong” with me or that I was experiencing a sensory disability that most people do not have. Through much medical assistance and personal research, I started to understand and educate myself on the fact that I have really bad eyesight, caused by macular dystrophy. Having realised the problem, I bought a Kindle, which truly revolutionised my life. I now read the majority of books electronically, using the biggest font size available and inverting the colours, as the glare from a white background is very uncomfortable for my photophobic (extremely light-sensitive) eyes. Having found a way to physically read books, I have a never-ending reading list, and I am happy to say I take so much pleasure in reading these days. I believe that this is a lot of the reason for my interest in pursuing a career in librarianship; if there is anything I can do to help even one other person find pleasure in books like I have, it will be a very worthwhile career path.

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