A little about me

Thank you for visiting! As an introduction to this new blog, here are five things about me:

  1. My favourite country to visit is Switzerland. I especially love its magnificent alpine forests and beautiful lakes. However, although I have been to Switzerland many times, I have only ever visited in winter, so a summer trip to see the wonderful mountain flowers is definitely on my to do list!
  2. I am a Taurus, and have many of the typical traits associated with Taureans (grounded, (loyal, creative, stubborn, passionate…). Green is the colour of Taurus and emerald is its stone; I love both! I am interested in astrology as I do not think it would have survived for so long unless there was truth in it. However, I am also sceptical as I do not believe that all those claiming to be gifted astrologers are the r eal deal.
  3. I’m rather a retro and vintage-loving person. I have no idea what music is currently popular, as I usually listen to CDs of 1940s & ’50s music.
  4. I love to read. Some quality hygge time on an autumnal Sunday afternoon with my Kindle and a hot chocolate is a little slice of heaven for me.
  5. I am registered disabled due to bring visually impaired. I have a genetic form of macular dystrophy, which affects my visual acuity (sharpness of vision) and I have extremely poor central vision. Although I can read my Kindle (with the text at the largest setting and colours inverted), I am a very slow reader because of my condition, which also affects me in many other areas of my life. While my visual impairment does not define me, it is unavoidably a big part of who I am.

I would love to know something about you!

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